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H15 x W25cm (5.9x9.8")


Color: Pink
Size: 68cm x 68cm ( 27"x 27")
Material: Rayon 100% Crepe


Material:Hemp: 100%
Color: Piece-dye
Size: 90 x 120cm 35.4 x 47.3"

Ameagari Red

Size:Height 17cm (6.7")
Creator: Masae Fujikawa


H27 x W43cm (10.6x16.9")

Moon green

Size: 88 x 150cm (34 x 59")
Material: Hemp 100%

Beautiful  S

Size: Height: 32cm (12.5")
Creator: Sansaku Sekiguchi

Maneki Neko

Size: 50 x 50cm (19" x 19")
Material: Polyester 65% Cotton 35%



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