Kokeshi dolls. (Japanese Wooden dolls)
We sell a range of attractive kokeshi dolls. Please look at the wonderful kokeshi dolls made by kokeshi creators who have won important Japanese prizes.
This is a doll made of wood and is one of the most famous Japanese dolls and toys. There are two types: the 'Traditional Kokeshi dolls' and the 'Creative Kokeshi dolls'. The 'Traditional Kokeshi dolls ' is born from the technology of the potter's wheel, and its keynote is tradition. In contrast, the 'Creative Kokeshi dolls' has creation as its keynote. 'Traditional Kokeshi dolls' are said to have the Naruko style or the Tsuchiyu style etc. according to the region they are made in Japan. They each have peculiar forms and patterns, and the production technique has been handed down from teacher to pupil, from the past to the present day.
On the other hand, the 'Creative Kokeshi dolls' is formed from the free conception of the maker individually and is produced using an original technique. It is a craftwork that develops swimming with the current of the times, like a messenger of peace. The creation activity is the result of the study effort of many designers. Particular care is given to ensuring the peculiar beauty of the 'Creative Kokeshi dolls' by careful use of the artistic techniques of the potter's wheel such as carving and firing. Articles by famous writers have led to the product being evaluated as a unique type of art craft. The warmth of wood can be indescribable, and if you see the lovely appearance of Kokeshi dolls, your mind will be calmed and you will feel drawn to the Kokeshi dolls.
There are many ardent collectors of Kokeshi dolls since its charm appeals and spreads like magic, and the Kokeshi dolls is likely to be cherished for many years Why don't you experience the charm of the Kokeshi dolls, too? Just seeing the Kokeshi dolls will almost certainly have a healing effect on you.

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