We sell many wonderful Noren. Please look at our high-quality Noren which use a variety of dyeing and hand-weaving techniques.
Tie-dying has a history and tradition exceeding 1200 years in the capital of Kyoto, and this style is known as 'Kyokanoko-shibori' (shibori=tie-dying, kanoko-shibori=small white dappled cloth) It is used in various ways in modern life but especially as the pattern expressing the idea of perfection in manual work, and this special form of expression gives a sense of taste and peace.
History of tie-dyeing
Production and processing of tie-dyeing
Traditional craft goods 'Kyokanoko-shibori'
History of tie-dyeing
The history of tie-dyeing is very long since it started in the 6th or 7th century in Japan. It was used a lot in other countries too, but the technique was improved and refined many times in Japan, and high level techniques, such as 'Kanoko-shibori' (dappled cloth) were invented, and these have been handed down through the ages and are still used in the present day.
Production and processing of tie-dyeing
Each product is made by a specialist craftsman who has accumulated a high level of technological knowledge. In addition, each craftsman is a specialist in only one field, for example a Hitta-shibori craftsman works only on Hitta-shibori. The term 'machine tie' is used, but this is not mechanical tie-dying. The term means `tied using a tie stand`, but in fact the product is still handmade.
Traditional craft goods 'Kyokanoko-shibori'
Products of this type made in Kyoto have the label`Kyokanoko-shibori`, which guarantees quality by verifying the place of production. They feature:
  1. White cloth
  2. Design
  3. Rough sketch carving, print
  4. Tie
  5. Bleaching
  6. Dyeing in different colors
  7. Dye
  8. Steam and iron, straightened shape
  9. Tie-dying product
Please enjoy your 'Shop curtain' / 'Tapestry' in various ways, not only as an indoor decoration but also as artwork, a partition, or a centerpiece.
Real linen (hemp)
This makes the best use of tie-dyeing features in that it has a full, yet transparent feeling, benefiting from the separately woven linen material.
This is a shop curtain giving a rustic, calm ambiance.
Cotton and Hemp
Cotton 50% Hemp 50%
Tie-dyeing cloth
(For purchase in bulk) This is a multi-purpose tie-dyeing cloth, sold in one-meter lengths.

Ten- meter lengths are also available.
Attention in handling
Since this product uses traditional tie-dyeing methods please be careful of colors running because of moisture and sweat. Please use dry cleaning (oil system) for maintenance, and avoid washing in water.

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